Top 10 Hong Kong Memes 2019

As Hong Kong was transferred to Chinese rule, at the end of the 20th century, I thought in my younger head; this is going to be a problem at some point.

These guys are standing up to tyranny and letting the entire world hear their voice. Not only that, but they are also exposing the fact how big tech companies and the showbiz industry has completely bent the knee to an oppressive regime.

So far, we have the NBA that made complete fools of themselves by picking profits over freedom, we also have Activision Blizzard doing the same thing, and now we wait as the consumers vote with their dollars.

Here are the top 10 Hong Kong memes that we managed to curate from the past weeks of protests, internet shenanigans, and other issues related to the demonstrations.

Hong Kong Protesters Assemble Meme
Hong Kong’ers… ASSEMBLE!
Hong Kong protests meme back to the future
China can’t erase ALL history books
Hong Kong End Game Meme Avengers
And I…. am…. Hong Kong man.
Hong Kong meme the Office
Gallows humor
Hong Kong meme tied to Huawei
Nothing to see here, folks, just a few dozen protesters
Hong Kong protest power rangers meme
Years of playing tennis finally paying off
Pepe the Frog is now a symbol of the Hong Kong protests
Pepe has officially joined the fray
Hong Kong politicians bring out the big crowds
Nothing brings out the big crows like a corrupt politician
Americans thinking Hong Kong is part of Japan
Don’t worry guys, America has your back
Hong Kong protesters shooting back tear gas with tennis rackets
To be fair, shooting back tear gas with a tennis racket is pretty impressive
China as Thanos a soul for a soul
A soul for a soul
Thanos as Britain being inevitable
Colonialism is inevitable
Xi Ping as Thanos in the Hong Kong protests
Only half of them will disappear forever
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