Top 20 Karen Memes

Karen must be one of the oldest memes on the internet. Allusions to this annoying character date back as early as 1989 in the movie Goodfellas. Karen is the type of person who lets her kids run around a retail store and act like she’s not responsible when they knock something over. Karen is snarky and draws her happiness from being mildly inconvenienced. You see, when Karen is mildly inconvenienced in a public space, she gets to show off her powers of “talking to the manager”, or “sticking it to the patriarchy”.

Here are our top 20 Karen Memes, we hope you enjoy them as much as Karen enjoys bringing her loud 8 year old kid to a 3 hour screening of Endgame.

Karen Meme - Speak to the manager
Karen Meme - Karen owns a dog
Karen Meme - I am the manager Karen
Karen Meme - Math is hard
Karen Meme - Has the best morals
Karen Meme - Kim Kardashian is Karen
Karen Meme - Shitty at relationships
Karen Meme - Who invited
Karen Meme - Know-it-all
Karen Meme - Brings kids to the movies
Karen Meme - Speak to your manager
Karen Meme - Captain Karen
Karen Meme - Reported
Karen Meme - Yelp reviews
Karen Meme - We hate you
Karen Meme - Bitchfield
Karen Meme - I am the manager
Karen Meme - In a relationship
Karen Meme - Karen is against porn
Karen Meme - Goes on a rollercoaster

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